You Tube Wars

Ever noticed how people keep arguing on You tube? You are only interested in watching a video or listening to a song you can’t download for free online-ahem- and you watch You tube. You scroll down to the comments section and there they are: arguments, quarrels, fights about anything and everything in the world. The worst ones are as follows:

– Justin Beiber comments: Really people? So you are listening to Metallica or Rihanna or whatever and people say Justin Beiber is**** (fill in the blanks.) It drives me nuts. I mean is it even relevant? Why can’t people just shut their mouth and listen to the song. What do they care if JB is 16 or 18 or 12? Or if he is hetero or homo? I wish people would stop commenting on that

– How XYZ artist is way better than the one you are listening to: You think so? Then why are you listening to this artist in the first place. Go listen to XYZ. Stop acting like a moron and stop making nasty comments

– Religion: Especially when you listen to songs about wars or death, people comment about how others’ religion is the root of all evil but how THIER religion is the best. Well, dudes, there is no point in fighting on You Tube about who’s the best. No one cares. Stop wasting energy on typing useless things. And if you are so passionate about spreading awareness about your religion, go write a blog or something, dont plague You tube. Its for entertainment.

– Girls are dumber than boys: This one makes me so mad, that I cant help but leave a comment or two. (I know I know.) I just get so angry, @$#@#%#@$ to all MCPs who think that girls are dumber than boys. I dont even have to say anything. Shows who the dumber sex REALLY is.

And a few others: -Asking for thumbs up – Saying you miss your BF/GF and you will love them eternally – Saying all the people who dislike a song are morons – Porno links – Un cool home made videos – Justin Beiber is a pussy. Oh!I already mentioned that. Never Mind.

So, here’s a request: Please listen to the song. If you don’t like it, use the dislike button and STOP FIGHTING. F***ers.

Now I feel better! 🙂


My dil goes Aakrosh!

Sleepy Saturday. Nothing to do. Finished gossiping. Nothing to do. Let’s watch a Hindi movie. I say to myself. First attempt: Anjana Anjaani. Senseless meaningless blabbering by two bimbos on a so called adventure of a lifetime. Redundant. Couldn’t take their idiocy after 5 mins. Switch to movie 2: Aakrosh. Its loud. But its truthful. At least a little truthful. Thought provoking. It provoked me to think. Not about the sorry fate of some parts of my beloved country. But about me. So when do we not think about ‘ME’ you ask. Always. But never.

Have I ever thought how lucky I am? 1) Born and brought up in Bombay in a well to do family. 2) Given equal rights and a good education. 3) Given freedom to do whatever I please. Be a monk or a billionaire. Or a lesbian. The question is WHY? Why me? And millions like me. Good question. Another one. Why not the others? And millions like them. Why wasn’t I born in filth? Who decides what I get? Someone sure does. I must have done something right to be what I am. Am I just plain lucky? Its your destiny my child, a sage might tell me. But why? What about the women being sold to brothels? Soldiers dying in wars. Is it their destiny? Can we change it? Can we stop it from unfolding? Can we change history? Die because you love? Live because you think you are better than others?

My dil goes Aakrosh! I thank vehemently. Think profoundly. I want to attain Nirvana. That’s the only way..

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